About Malene Rigtrup

Malene is associate professor at The Royal Academy of Music and teaches choir leading and vocal arranging on the departments of both Aarhus and Aalborg (RAMA Vocal Center). On RAMA Vocal Center she has especially focus on composition and arranging vocal music, as well as interpretation, sound and expression.

On The Music School of Aarhus Malene is the conductor of the girls’ choir Maestra and is also teaching solo singing.  Furthermore she is here in charge of projects such as Morning singing in Musikhuset Aarhus and Singing with mentally vulnerable young people.

Malene is especially well known for her vocal arrangements for choirs and vocal groups all over Europe. Among others she has arranged for Rajaton, Vocal Line and Bonner Jazzchor. A lot of her arrangements are published, see more in Vocal Arrangements.

For many years Malene has been cooperating with Morten Kjær in Ørehænger. Together they have published several sheet music books and handbooks about vocal music, including the popular book Modern Vocal Music.

As a solo artist Malene has released the EP Not Later Love.  She was moreover singer, arranger and co-conductor of Vocal Line for 11 years.

Malene graduated at The Royal Academy of Music in 2002.